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Cookie nonsense:



Please be aware that this site uses Google analytics cookies. It's basically so pictographik can see how many visiters the pictosite gets and where you are referred from/how you found this site. Pretty standard stuff that websites have done for years.

This page only exists because of changes in the EU laws about cookies, and that I have to tell you that your visit here is being counted so that you can have the chance to opt out of cookies being used to count you. I think that's what the law means.. a lot of people have found it hard to get their head around. The ICO seem to explain it here: www.ico.gov.uk/ but its still confused people (and frustrated web developers).

The cookies used here aren't malicious, and there's not anywhere on this site that asks for personal data. These cookies tell the pictobrain things like where you are roughly (only the city, not down to your house number), if you've visited before, how long you've spent on the page, what browser you're using but its all anonymous and harmless. It only serves "to enhance your experience of the site" and help to make it more accessible.

So now you know. okay?

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